Brian Austin Green Credits Ex-Wife Megan Fox for Raising His Son Kassius Amid Feud with Vanessa Marcil

Brian Austin Green has responded to his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil’s claims that she raised their son Kassius alone by praising his ex-wife Megan Fox.[0] In an Instagram story, the Beverly Hills 90210 actor, 49, wrote, “Megan and I bust our asses to give Kass a well-rounded childhood since his mom was rarely there. I’m assuming that’s why she posts so much of him now. When will she just GO AWAY.”[1]

The feud between Brian and Vanessa, 54, started when Vanessa shared a post alleging that Brian “didn’t and don’t coparent” and claiming that she “raised my son alone”.[2] Brian then screenshot the post and wrote his response, before going on to praise Megan, 36.

Brian and Megan were married for a decade before their split in 2020 and have three children together: Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6.[2]

Vanessa has previously revealed that Brian asked her for child support 12 years ago and that he and Megan “completely cut” Kassius from their lives. In response, Brian noted that she “has never in her life been someone to walk the walk” and that “talk is cheap”.[3]

It seems that Brian is done with the drama and is now focusing on mending the relationship between his son and his ex-wife Megan.

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