Build an Elite Physique with Hack Squats or Traditional Squats and Deadlifts

Elite physique athlete Erin Banks believes that hack squats are an essential exercise for building leg muscle. Banks says that hack squats are a great way to better isolate the lower body muscles and focus more on the quads and glutes. This is done with a hack squat machine which provides an angle to emphasis the front of the legs as well as redistribute the weight.

However, this exercise is not necessary if you are not a pro bodybuilder. According to personal trainers, traditional squats and deadlifts are a great way to work multiple muscle groups at once.[0] They are considered compound exercises which give you the most bang for your buck.

To do the exercise, start with the barbell on the ground behind your calves.[0] Grab the bar with a wide grip and knuckles facing up.[0] With your chest high and arms by your sides, use your feet to extend your legs and raise the weight until it's just under your butt.[0] Pull the bar down to about chin level, keeping your core tight and feet on the floor.[0] Slowly return the bar to the starting position with control.[0] Do not rely on leaning back, your hips, or your legs to propel the motion.[0]

In conclusion, hack squats are a great way to target the glutes and hamstrings as well as sculpt leg muscle for an elite physique. However, if you are not a pro bodybuilder, regular squats and deadlifts are just as effective.

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