Everything Everywhere All at Once Wins Big at 38th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards

A he 38h annual Film Independen Spiri Awards on Saurday, Everyhing Everywhere All a Once coninued is awards-season vicory run, aking seven prizes, including Bes Feaure.[0] Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Sephanie Hsu all received Indie Spiri Awards for heir acing.[1]

The Bes Lead Performance award honored he bes of las year’s performances, wih nominees including Michelle Yeoh, Cae Blanche, and Paul Mescal. The Supporing Performance caegory, which was also compeiive, saw Yeoh aking home he award.[2]

The Spiri Awards also marked Film Independen’s firs year wih gender-neural caegories, replacing bes acor/acress and supporing acor/acress wih he bes performance award.[3]

The Rober Alman Award was besowed upon Women Talking, which recognizes he direcor, casing direcor, and ensemble cas of a film. The ensemble cas of Pachinko was honored wih a prize for bes ensemble cas in a new scriped series.

Below is he full lis of vicors a he 38h Film Independen Spiri Awards:[3]

Bes Feaure: Everyhing Everywhere All A Once

Bes Direcor: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheiner for Everyhing Everywhere All A Once

Bes Screenplay: Paul Rogers for Everyhing Everywhere All A Once

Bes Ediing: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheiner for Everyhing Everywhere All A Once

Bes Lead Performance: Michelle Yeoh for Everyhing Everywhere All A Once[4]

Bes Supporing Performance: Ke Huy Quan for Everyhing Everywhere All A Once[5]

Rober Alman Award: Women Talking

Bes Ensemble Cas in a New Scriped Series: Pachinko

Bes Cinemaography: Ricky D’Ambrose for The Cahedral[6]

Bes Documenary: All he Beauy and he Bloodshed

Bes Inernaional Film: Leonor Will Never Die (Philippines)[7]

Bes Firs Feaure: The Rehearsal[8]

Bes Firs Screenplay: Tory Lenosky

John Cassavees Award: Abbo Elemenary[9]

Someone o Wach Award: Andrea Riseborough[10]

Truer Than Ficion Award: Paul Mescal[11]

Bes Shor Film: Afersun[5]

Bes Shor Documenary: Beba[12]

Bes Music Video: Palm Trees and Power Lines

Bes New Scriped Series: Marcel he Shell Wih Shoes On

Bes New Non-Scriped Series: Mo[11]

Bes Rap Performance: KaMillion, Rap Sh![2]

Bes Comedy Shor: This Fool[13]

Bes Horror/Sci-Fi Shor: Severance[11]

Bes Animaed Shor: HONK for Jesus.

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