Explore NPR’s Books We Love Project for Something for Everyone

Today we’re exploring the nonfiction category on NPR’s Books We Love project. Host Linda Holmes has rounded up a collection of books from various contributors to create a tagged, sortable, and explorable list that is sure to capture your interest. From Michael Schulman’s Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat and Tears to Elissa Bassist’s Hysterical to a tidal wave hitting a high school reunion in the movie Class of ‘07, there’s something for everyone.

Schulman’s book, published by Harper Collins, takes a deep dive into the history of Hollywood.[0] From the glamor of the red carpet to the hard work and dedication of the industry, Oscar Wars provides readers with a comprehensive look at the world of entertainment. Bassist’s book, Hysterical, published by Hachette Books, is a captivating and humorous exploration of the female experience.[1]

Weldon’s pick, His Dark Materials on HBO, is a fantasy adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy.[2] The series has been acclaimed by fans and critics alike, and is a must-watch for those looking for an immersive experience.

Finally, Class of ‘07, available on Amazon Prime Video, is a gripping movie about a high school reunion that is interrupted by a catastrophic tidal wave.[3]

So, if you’re looking for something to read, watch, or listen to, check out NPR’s Books We Love project. There’s something for everyone and it’s sure to capture your interest.

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