Looking Back at the Legacy of HBO’s “Succession”: Will It Stand Up Against the Greats?

HBO's hit drama series “Succession” has come to an end, and fans are still reeling from the finale's shocking twists and turns. Spoilers abound, so if you haven't watched it yet, turn back now.

The series, which follows the power struggles of the Roy family as they fight for control of their media empire, has been a critical and commercial success for the premium cable network. The season four finale drew in a series-high of 2.9 million viewers, a 68% increase from the previous finale.[0]

Overall, the season averaged 8.7 million viewers per episode, a 1.5 million increase from the previous season.[0] While it may not have the mainstream appeal of some of HBO's other shows, such as “The Last of Us” or “House of the Dragon,” it's still an impressive achievement for the drama.[0]

But as the hype cycle fades and the show becomes a part of television history, the question remains: how will “Succession” be remembered? Will it hold up against other prestige dramas like “Mad Men,” “The Wire,” “Breaking Bad,” and “The Sopranos?”[1]

Part of the answer to that question, according to one critic, is about cynicism. “Succession” was a show that reveled in the worst aspects of its characters, highlighting their greed, selfishness, and ruthlessness. But it was also a show that was brilliantly written, with razor-sharp dialogue and complex characters that kept audiences hooked.

The finale was a fitting conclusion to the series, with the Roy siblings engaging in a brutal boardroom brawl that ended with Kendall losing everything. The final scene, in which Kendall screams “I am the eldest boy!”[2] in frustration, is already being hailed as one of the most memorable moments in TV history.

But the real question is what comes next for the Roy family? Will Kendall be able to rebuild his life after his devastating defeat? Will Shiv and Roman be able to maintain their power within the company? And what about Tom, who emerged as a surprisingly ruthless player in the final season?

Only time will tell how “Succession” will be remembered, but one thing is certain: it will always be remembered as a show that captured the zeitgeist of its time, and that pushed the boundaries of what television can achieve.

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