Mia Wasikowska Enjoys Life After Leaving Hollywood

Mia Wasikowska is very content with her life decision to depart Hollywood.[0]

After working nonstop since the age of 15, Mia Wasikowska decided that the Hollywood lifestyle was not for her. She left and returned to her native Australia, where she is now quite content. Wasikowska made her debut in HBO's In Treatment in 2008 and was quickly cast in movies like Alice in Wonderland and Crimson Peak.[1] Even though she was a major movie star, Wasikowska felt “really disconnected from any greater community,” so she decided to leave Hollywood and establish “more of a sense of somewhere I belong that’s not just on a film set that ends every few weeks.”[0]

Wasikowska still acts, but mainly in independent projects with directors she admires.[2] Most recently, she starred in Mia Hansen-Løve’s Bergman Island and Robert Connolly’s Blueback. Despite missing out on roles in the past due to scheduling conflicts, Wasikowska is quite content with her current lifestyle and is no longer pushing her career as hard as she did in her younger years. She commented that “the perception of it is quite different from the reality and it didn’t suit me as a person.[3] You can really lose perspective because you’re treated quite strangely.[4] When that’s your only reality, it’s quite strange.[3]

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