Michael B. Jordan Delivers a Knockout Performance in “Creed III

Michael B. Jordan returns in fighting form in Creed III, the third movie in the Rocky spinoff series and the first without Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa.[0] Jordan takes on the starring role of Adonis “Donnie” Creed while also making his directorial debut with the movie.[1] Following two critically acclaimed films that each grossed over $100 million USD, the series' latest film “delivers a knockout” according to IGN's Creed 3 review.[2]

The film follows Adonis as he decides to retire on top and focus on family.[3] Jonathan Majors portrays an old friend who suddenly resurfaces, disrupting his plans.[3] Adonis and his opponent engage in a vicious battle, with Adonis receiving a massive punch to his abdomen that nearly knocks him out. He somehow manages to stay on his feet until the time runs out.[4] With Damian agitated, Adonis is able to land a knockout blow to Damian’s head that proves victorious, and he is once again declared champion.[4]

The confrontation between ex-companions is much more than just a battle.[5] Adonis must put his future in peril to battle Damian and even the score, for Damian has nothing to lose.[5] With early estimates holding, the movie is on course to open to a better-than-expected $51.1 million domestically.[6] If projections are correct, Creed III will set the new record for the highest opening weekend for a film in the Rocky franchise, outpacing the $35.5 million 3-day opening of “Creed II” during Thanksgiving weekend 2018.[7] Jordan’s directorial debut is a thrilling addition to the Rocky series and a testament to the actor’s skill as a director.[8] It is a movie that is able to be watched as a standalone movie, and it is a well-balanced variety of action, feeling, character development and fan-pleasing callbacks.[9] Despite its bloat and rushed ending, Creed III is a good movie that will be an emotional and satisfying experience for longtime fans of the saga.[4]

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