Michael B. Jordan Returns in “Creed III” – 4/5 Rating

Michael B. Jordan is back in the ring as the star of “Creed III,” the third installment of the action-packed Rocky spinoff series.[0] The film, which marks Jordan's directorial debut, opens in theaters on March 3 and tells the story of Adonis Creed (Jordan), the former heavyweight champion of the world who has since retired and is living a peaceful life in L.A. with his wife, Bianca (Tessa Thompson), and their young daughter, Amara (Mila Davis-Kent).[1]

The film's narrative is set in motion when Adonis' childhood friend Damian ‘Dame' Anderson (Jonathan Majors) resurfaces after an 18-year stint in prison.[2] For years, Damon had been a promising boxer, so upon his release, he seeks Adonis out with the goal of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.[3]

Jordan has learnt the craft of directing from series' director Ryan Coogler and it shows in “Creed III.” The film expands the visual language of the Hollywood boxing movie in remarkable ways, and offers a unique perspective on Black wealth and celebrity as marks of individual success and assimilation.[4] Jordan and Majors create a compelling dynamic, with the former playing Creed’s guarded embrace of his troubled friend, while Majors compellingly uncoils to reveal the true nature of Damian’s intent.[5]

The fight sequences are stunning, and the movie's emotional beats are well-crafted. Jordan shows a sure hand in ratcheting up the film’s tension and keeps the franchise’s smooth mechanics in tact.[5] Ultimately, “Creed III” proves that it’s fine to move on from the original icon, and earns a rating of 4/5.

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