The Bachelor Season 27: Zach’s Dramatic Journey to Finding Love and His Final Choice

The Bachelor season 27 has come to an end, and fans finally know who Zach Shallcross picked as his winner. After a season full of drama and unexpected surprises, Zach proposed to Kaity Lane during the finale episode in Krabi, Thailand. However, their road to happiness was not an easy one, as Zach had to navigate his feelings for Gabi Elnicki, who he slept with during the Fantasy Suite week, breaking his own no-sex rule.

Zach and Gabi's romance took a turn during Fantasy Suites when he slept with her, despite telling finalist Ariel Frenkel that he wasn't going to have sex with anyone on the show.[0] While Zach felt guilty about his decision, Gabi was angered by his openness in discussing their night together.[1] Despite accepting one of his two last roses, she still had doubts about the feasibility of their relationship.[1]

Despite the drama, Zach ultimately chose Kaity, getting down on one knee and proposing to her during the final rose ceremony.[2] “The love I feel for you is something I could've never imagined and something I thought a lot of my life I would never be able to deserve. I love you so much. I love you with all my heart. You're the face I want to wake up to every morning. I want to go through life with you and only you. Kaity, will you marry me?” he said.[3]

Kaity accepted his proposal, and the two confirmed that they are still happily together during the “After the Final Rose” episode.[4] However, fans were left wondering about Zach's relationship with Gabi and how it may have affected his decision.

During the “After the Final Rose” episode, Ariel confronted Zach about his decision to sleep with Gabi and not tell her about it. “I was really disappointed in the whole way the week was handled,” she said.[4] Zach admitted to having regrets about how he handled things with Ariel and setting the parameters that he did.[4]

While the season may be over, fans can still stream The Bachelor on fuboTV or Hulu + Live TV, both of which offer free trials.[5] And while the road to finding love may have been rocky, Zach and Kaity's engagement proves that love can conquer all.

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