The highly anticipated finale of the critically acclaimed HBO series Succession aired on May 28, 202…

The highly anticipated finale of the critically acclaimed HBO series Succession aired on May 28, 2023, marking the end of the dark comedy's four-season run.[0] The show's loyal fanbase was buzzing with anticipation, theorizing about what would happen to their favorite characters and how the story would conclude.[1] The one-hour and thirty-minute-long episode, titled “With Open Eyes,” not only served as the last episode of the season but also the conclusion of the series.[1]

Succession follows the Roy family, the children of a media mogul, as they jostle for pole position in his multi-billion-dollar company.[2] The show has been hailed as the best of the last ten years, with its Shakespearean plotting, punchy dialogue, and jagged satire of corporate America.[3]

Throughout the fourth season, the fate of Waystar Royco, the media conglomerate founded by Logan Roy (Brian Cox), hung in the balance.[4] Logan's untimely death left a gaping leadership hole just as he was about to finalize a deal to sell his empire to Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) and GoJo.[4] The final episode revealed who would take control of Waystar Royco and who its new leader would be.[5]

Despite the show's popularity, Succession has never really represented the new or even continued life of this type of long-form drama.[6] This show is not truly the final one; instead, it marks the beginning of a new and uncertain era.[6] Succession, on the other hand, is a macabre representation of prestige television in the twenty-first century. It's a disturbing repetition of a show that allows us to revel in the last gasps of an era of TV.[6] This statement has never been more accurate than it is in the concluding season.[6]

Succession's fourth season has been lauded as its most riveting yet, with numerous revelations that were breadcrumbs about where the characters and company were headed.[7] The finale left fans in shock as the GoJo sale was approved, leaving Kendall devastated and wandering aimlessly through the park, with his father's bodyguard Colin trailing close behind.

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