Elvira Reveals Brad Pitt’s Former Home was Haunted

Elvira, also known as Cassandra Peterson, has revealed that the Los Feliz home she sold to Brad Pitt in 1994 was “haunted.”[0] Peterson, best known for her role as the spooky bombshell, shared how the eerie events began when she and her ex-husband, musician Mike Pierson, moved into the 29-room mansion.[1] The couple even had a priest come in to do an exorcism, she said, after it got to a point where she really didn't know if she could keep living there.[2] Despite this, Peterson revealed that Pitt was “very excited” about the prospect of owning the home, which he bought for a reported $1.7 million.[3] Peterson added that she warned Pitt about the paranormal activity in the house, but he was “very excited” about it.[4] Peterson later became Pitt's neighbor when she purchased a house next door. Their neighborly proximity led to some interesting encounters, including seeing Pitt train for his role in “Fight Club” in his garage.[5]

The Los Feliz home was where Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie raised their six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne – before splitting in 2016.[1] After almost three decades of ownership and many renovations and expansions, Pitt sold the sprawling estate, located in the neighborhood of Los Feliz, for about $40 million. One of the properties belonged to an elderly man in his early nineties, so Pitt made a deal that allowed him to stay in his home.[6]

Despite the spooky encounters, Peterson recalls Pitt as “wonderful” and “kind and sweet.” Peterson sold her property to Pitt for an estimated $1.7 million and later became his neighbor when she purchased a house next door. Peterson reminisced, adding that she was nine months pregnant with her now-28-year-old daughter, Sadie Pierson, when Pitt purchased the home from her.[7] Amidst his ongoing legal woes with Jolie, Pitt has kindled a fresh romance with a 32-year-old jewelry designer named Ines de Ramon.[8] According to reports, the couple had a romantic evening in Paris following the 2023 César Awards on February 24th.[7]

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