Inside the Vanderpump Rules Scandal: Tom Sandoval’s Affair with Raquel Leviss and Breakup with Ariana Madix

Vanderpump Rules, the popular Bravo reality show, has been making headlines lately due to the scandalous relationships between cast members.[0] One of the most talked-about relationships is the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, which led to Sandoval's breakup with longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix. The affair was first revealed in March, and since then, the cast has been spilling the tea about what really happened.

Sandoval recently opened up in a podcast interview with Howie Mandel, where he discussed his affair with Leviss and his current relationship with Madix.[1] According to Sandoval, he and Madix had been headed for a breakup for months before his affair with Leviss came to light. He claimed that their relationship had become more like a best friends, family thing, and that they were lacking intimacy and connection.[2] Sandoval also revealed that they started couples therapy after his first kiss with Leviss, which he claimed happened in early August 2022.

The kiss happened in Sandoval's backyard while he was locked out of his house, and he described it as “magnetic.”[3] Sandoval said that he and Leviss became really good friends and a source of strength for each other. He also claimed that after the one-night stand in August, their connection became emotional rather than physical.[4]

Sandoval's affair with Leviss led to his breakup with Madix, who discovered the affair and dumped him. Madix was devastated by the news and felt betrayed by Sandoval, who she had been with for nine years. Sandoval apologized to Madix publicly and said that he never meant to hurt her or disappoint their families and friends.[5] He also admitted that he made reckless decisions and was selfish.

The affair has caused tension among the cast of Vanderpump Rules, with some members taking sides and others remaining neutral. Tom Schwartz, who also made out with Leviss in August 2022, claimed that he found out about the affair in August and that it became an emotional affair.[0] Schwartz also revealed that Leviss is Sandoval's “heroin,” and that he'd known the pair had been cavorting since at least August 2022.[6] Schwartz's comments added fuel to the fire and led to more speculation about the affair.

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