Recap of “Succession” Season 4 Premiere: The Roy Family’s Dysfunctional Dynamics Continue to Unfold

The dysfunctional Roy family is back in the fourth and final season of HBO's hit show, “Succession”. The season premiere picks up where the previous season left off, with Kendall, Shiv, and Roman trying to take over their father Logan's media and entertainment conglomerate, Waystar-Royco. However, their plans are complicated by the fact that Logan has set his sights on buying out the Pierce family's business, and their attempts to outbid him lead to a bidding war.

The episode also explores the crumbling relationship between Shiv and Tom, who are no longer pretending to be a happy couple. A tense phone call in the first scene suggests they're on a trial separation and seeing other people, later confirmed by the fact that, to Tom's chagrin, Greg has taken to calling himself and Tom the Disgusting Brothers.[0] Shiv wants to divorce Tom, as is usually the inclination when your husband tells your dad that you're planning a hostile takeover of his company.[1] Tom has also decided to give up, as he has realized that his wife values him more as a tool for her business than as a person deserving of respect or care.[1]

Naturally, they both come to this conclusion in their typical dysfunctional manner.[1] First, Tom takes a break from Logan's birthday party to sputter through a request to his father-in-law that translates approximately to, “Please, sir, can I divorce your daughter?”[1] Shiv, true to form, suddenly decides her divorce is imminent while trying to close a deal with the Pierces, the “liberal” media family who are much more amenable to being bought out by the Roy kids when they hear Shiv is severing ties with her father and his associates.[1]

Meanwhile, Greg continues to fail upwards, earning some pervy kudos from Logan for getting to third base with his new girlfriend.[2] However, he picks the worst possible time to share the news with Logan: right after Logan discovers that his children are trying to buy PGN out from under him.[3] When speaking to Logan, Greg shifts the responsibility onto Bridget, absolving himself of any wrongdoing.[4] Consequently, Colin is tasked with the responsibility of evicting her from the party, and although Greg initially intends to accompany Colin, he backs down at the eleventh hour.[3]

As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that Logan is in a funk without his kids around.[3] He complains about the noticeable vibe shift within his team and begs them to roast him. Since none of the Roys are capable of expressing themselves like normal human beings, this is Logan's version of mourning the absence of his kids – and more specifically, the savage one-liners that effortlessly roll off their tongues without fear of retaliation.[3]

The episode also introduces Kerry, Logan's “friend, assistant, and adviser,” who looks to have a bigger role this season.[5] She fits right in, given how she uses the abuse she gets on one end and passes it down the food chain, which here means castigating Greg for bringing “Bridget Randomfuck” to the birthday party.[5] Kerry is not only bullying Greg on behalf of Logan, but she's also being consulted on the appropriate amount of money to bid on a multibillion-dollar media empire.[6]

Overall, the season premiere sets the stage for what is sure to be a tense and dramatic final season.

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