Boygenius Returns with Highly Anticipated Second Album, Exploring Intimacy and Friendship

In 2018, the indie supergroup boygenius burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut EP, comprised of the talents of individual artists Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers.[0] After a four-year break, the trio is back with their highly anticipated second album, “the record,” set to release on March 31.[1] The album has been highly anticipated by fans, especially after the group surprised them with three new tracks and the announcement of live shows at the turn of the year.[2]

The three musicians, who all have successful solo careers, came together to form boygenius in 2018. When asked about the “supergroup” moniker, they expressed their preference for it over “side project.” “Side projects are when a person from an already successful band wants to do something obscure or a little bit more esoteric,” Baker explained.[3] “But boygenius is a unique and collaborative effort.”

One of the themes that emerge from their new album is the exploration of intimacy, as seen in the lyric from “Emily I'm Sorry,” “I can feel myself becoming someone only you could want.”[4] The trio discussed the self-deprecating and toxic nature of the sentiment, with Bridgers adding that the line is a dig at the other person.[4] Dacus believed that the line provided essential context for the chorus, as the person convinces you of the lie, making you believe that they are the only one.[4]

Another recurring theme in the album is friendship, which Lorusso, a critic at NPR music, pointed out as a unique and worthy subject to write about. The trio agreed, with Dacus saying that her life is defined by her friends, and that every friendship is unique, providing endless opportunities for exploration.

The album's title track, “the record,” is a tribute to the band's friendship and their shared love of music. It includes a reference to their first EP's “Me & My Dog” melody, which Bridgers wrote before realizing it was too similar to the original.

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