Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: A Satisfying Conclusion to the Beloved Trilogy with an Unexpectedly Dark Twist

Volume of the Galaxy's Protectors[0] 3, directed and written by James Gunn, offers a rare treat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: a satisfying ending to a trilogy.[1] The movie ties up the storyline of the beloved team with the same humor and heart as the first two films, but with added unexpected darkness in the form of Rocket’s genuinely disturbing origin story.[2] The plot revolves around Rocket, the gun-toting bipedal raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper.[3] Early on, we discover that Rocket was one of Doctor Moreau-style experiments carried out by Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary, a spacefaring geneticist with a god complex and a vague arsenal of super-villainous powers.[3] This origin story adds emotional depth and richness to the otherwise lively comic book movie.

Volume of the Galaxy's Protectors[0] The movie “3” will be released in cinemas worldwide on May 5, 2023.[4] The movie follows the kidnapping attempt on Rocket by High Evolutionary minion Adam Warlock, which leaves him mortally wounded.[5] The Guardians band together to pull off a series of heists to recover the McGuffin that can save Rocket's life.[6] Along the way, they'll run into familiar friends and foes, including the Gamora from another timeline, who has no history with Peter and the Guardians.[5] The team embarks on a mission to steal Rocket’s proprietary medical records from the High Evolutionary to save his life.[7] While the Guardians perform wacky heists, explore mysterious planets, and beat up everyone they meet, they also wrestle with their own feelings of loss, loneliness, and fear.[7]

The movie features an outstanding performance by Chukwudi Iwuji as the High Evolutionary. Iwuji has brilliantly depicted the intensity and wrath of a man who firmly stands by his convictions, and his explosive outbursts can be quite frightful. The antagonist portrayed by Iwuji as High Evolutionary is considered one of Marvel's most exceptional characters, and the actor playing Peacemaker fully commits to every moment on screen.[8] The visual effects are spectacular and vivid, making the movie stand out from other Phase Four movies. From the fleshy and slimy organic space station to the horrific cyborg-animal henchmen, everything feels crunchy and gross and real, especially during the jaw-dropping all-in-one-take hallway fight.[9]

Volume of the Galaxy's Protectors[0] 3 is more grounded than the other Phase Four movies, set in the farthest reaches of outer space.[7] The only connection this corner of the MCU ever had to our reality was its vibrant, emotional characters.[7] Rocket Raccoon is the clear star of the movie, with James Gunn even calling him the “secret protagonist” of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy.[10] The movie is more slog than romp, with several climactic battles against armies of CGI beasts. However, the movie’s emotional depth and richness make up for this shortfall.

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