NBC Renews Hit Comedy “Lopez vs. Lopez” for Second Season

NBC’s hit comedy series “Lopez vs. Lopez” has been renewed for a second season, as the show continues to impress viewers with its hilarious and heartwarming portrayal of a working-class old-school Latino who moves in with his modern Gen Z daughter as they rebuild their dysfunctional relationship one argument at a time. The show stars George Lopez and his real-life daughter Mayan, as well as Selenis Leyva, Brice Gonzalez, Matt Shively, and Al Madrigal.[0] The renewal comes after the success of the first season, which saw an average of 2M total viewers per episode and a 0.27 rating among the 18-49 demographic, making it the highest-indexing broadcast series for English-dominant Hispanic households. Among all NBC comedies on its affiliate streaming platform, Peacock, the show enjoys the highest proportion of long-tail viewing.[1]

The show, which was created by showrunner Debby Wolfe, follows a working-class family as they navigate everything in life together, with George and Mayan’s semi-autobiographical father/daughter pairing being estranged for a number of years.[1] The first season has been averaging about 2M total viewers per episode and a 0.27 rating among the 18-49 demographic. Nielsen reports that it is the top-rated English-language television series among Hispanic households who primarily speak English.[2] Among all NBC comedies on Peacock, Lopez vs. Lopez has the largest proportion of long-tail viewing after being delayed for 35 days.[2]

The renewal for season two follows the season one finale, which aired on Tuesday, May 9th. The finale episode, titled “Lopez vs Last Call,” saw George hit the bottle as Mayan hit her limit with his behavior.[3] Rosie was drunk with jealousy when Chance announced George is his hero.[3] The show has been praised for its amazing cast, including Selenis Leyva, Brice Gonzalez, Matt Shively, and Al Madrigal, with guest roles played by prominent Latino actors such as Constance Marie, Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Marilyn Milian, Danny Trejo, and Melissa Fumero.[4]

Season two of “Lopez vs. Lopez” will return to NBC midseason, when it will join the schedule alongside returning scripted shows Law & Order: Organized Crime, La Brea, and Magnum P.I.

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