Ray J and Princess Love Try Again: Dismissing Divorce to Reconcile Marriage

Ray J and Princess Love are looking to reconcile their marriage, as Ray J has once again asked a court to dismiss his divorce. TMZ obtained legal documents on Thursday (Feb 23) where Ray filed in Los Angeles to dismiss his divorce from estranged wife, Princess Love.[0]

The couple first started their relationship in 2016 and have since had two children, Epik Ray, 3, and Melody Love, 4.[0] Since then, they have filed for divorce three times in May 2020, with Ray J most recently requesting to dismiss the divorce on March 1, 2023.

In January, Ray J and Princess Love were spotted celebrating his 42nd birthday together in Vegas, despite their ongoing divorce proceedings.[1] Ray J expressed his desire to be a happy family and start fresh with Princess Love.[1]

TMZ initially reported on Ray J’s divorce filing in October 2021, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause for the divorce. However, Princess Love didn’t seem to be completely out of the picture, as she indicated that the door wasn’t closed for reconciliation.

Now, it appears that Ray J is looking to keep his family together, as he petitioned for the court to dismiss his divorce from Princess Love.[2] The couple is now looking to make another attempt at a successful marriage and are hopeful for a positive outcome.

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